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Fashion Sense - Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights
Fashion Sense


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Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights

The first time I watched Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights was 2 years ago on my birthday in the cinema. And I LOVE it!!!!! And recently I bought the DVD and rewatched it and I even LOVE it more!!!!! Diego Luna is so cute, adorable in this movie!!! So I definitely want to share some memorable scenes with you all. Romola Garai looks beautiful in the dresses she wears in this movie!




Plot Summary (from Wikepedia) (spoilers)


Shy, intelligent, eighteen-year-old Katey Miller moves from United States to Havana, Cuba with her parents in November 1958 right before the Revolution breaks out. Her parents expect her to move within their well-to-do circles, but she defies their wish when she falls in love with Javier Suarez, a waiter who also happens to be a talented club dancer. Secretly meeting in a Havana nightclub, the pair practice their Salsa dance routine in preparation for a prestigious national dance competition.

However, Katey's parents are ex-professional dancers who trained her in ballroom dancing, whereas Javier has been trained in the titular Cuban style of dirty dancing, and the two must reconcile the differences between their styles if they are to win. Things become more heated when the coming revolution spells trouble for the pair's plans. When the Revolution breaks out, Katey and Javier go to a beach tent and they make love. The day after, Katey finds out that she has to leave Cuba. On their last night in Havana together, Katey and Javier share a night full of dancing before they say goodbye, and Katey moves back to the United States....


Awww...the first dance scene of Javier and Katey in 'La Rosa Negra'


Diego Luna just sweaty, lol...His smile is so cute!!!!!


During the dance competition. The dress and shoes from Romola you can easily wear nowadays. The dress is really like coming alive when they are dancing!


This looks like an old-fashioned dress, because of the flowery print and the creamy colour. But I like the halter-neck and the hair falling over her shoulders. She is wearing it so pure.


Last dance in 'La Rosa Negra'.... This is my favo outfit of Romola in the movie. Again with the halter-neck, but this time in a youthful blue colour!!! Suits her perfect.


I can't get enough of it! For the ones who haven't watched this movie yet. If you just wanna sit back and this movie! For the ones who already watched this it again, because when you are finished you wanna dance again!  I certainly will watch this movie over and over again!

Posted: 16:28, 1/9/2007
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this was awesome javier is fitt ;)

Posted by Anonymous at 11:51, 9/3/2009


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