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Fashion Sense - Jessica in The Drive Of Life
Fashion Sense


~~Rain~~ Amsterdam. The Main subject in this blog is about ~Fashion~ Hope u will enjoying reading this blog! Please feel free to comment

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Jessica in The Drive Of Life

I am currently watching 'The Drive of Life'. I was stunned with Jessica's ladylike outfits in this series! I am starting with a new job in September in a big compagny. I could wear casual style in the office. But 'Ching Yue's' style is definitely an inspiration for me! lol



A scene in the early episodes. Jessica is wearing a lot of A-line skirts in this series. In this case a regular black one. I am not sure if this is a dress or just a black top and skirt. This outfit is well combined with a shaped jacket and white bag, less jewelry. I love the long hair, makes Jessica really pretty, and gives her a sweet, innocent look. 


Here Jessica wearing a black turtle neck, with an A-line patterned skirt and black high heels.Very classy and timeless. I like the black and white combinations. But isn't wearing a turtle neck really hot in Hong Kong? She has short hair, which give Jessica more trendy look.


Here you see Jessica short haircut, first appeared in episode 15. It really looks nice on Jessica!


I hope to see more inspiring outfits from Jessica in 'The Drive of Life'!!!



credits: TVB, Asianfanatics etc.

Posted: 21:12, 5/8/2007
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Naamloze reactie

I Love your blog!!!! Please update more often!! :)

Posted by Anonymous at 18:02, 6/8/2007


cool blog =)

nicee.. you're such a fashion addict haha..
wich is a plus =)
compare to you i look like a careless person haha :P
Keep updatin' your great blog..

Good luck with your fulltime job =)

- shanshan

Posted by Anonymous at 23:56, 1/9/2007


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