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Fashion Sense - LBJ : Little Black dress.
Fashion Sense


~~Rain~~ Amsterdam. The Main subject in this blog is about ~Fashion~ Hope u will enjoying reading this blog! Please feel free to comment

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LBJ : Little Black dress.

The "little black dress" is considered by many women to be an essential part of a complete wardrobe. It is a well-known "rule of fashion" that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

My fashion icon forever is Audrey Hepburn.  She made the "little black dress" unforgettable in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Who will ever forget the black dress she wears in the movie! Designed by Hubert the Givenchy.


So a black dress is actually a really 'save' dress. With the right length or accesoirize it will make it suitable for every occasion. Check the following celebrities on their tasted of LBJ.


Worse ones:


                                  Race from the girls formation 2R


She wears a black silk layered black dress. To my idea very unflattering for her figure, because there's totally no cutting in this dress. The length should be way shorter, because the back of the dress is longer than the front, and it stops around her knees. This will make her really small. And in my mind I remember Race is a small girl, so wrong pick! She keeps it very clean with just wearing black earrings. And what about those plumpy shoes? She suddenly wants to add some colour to her outfit? Stiletto's would make her much more stylish and taller. Rate: 3


                                    Kate at the TVB Lightning ceremony 2006


Actually I have never loved Kate's wardrobe. And this is no exception. The dress is actually OK.  Nice V-neck cutting, plated bottom, very playful. But another 'save' item in your wardrobe are black boots. But please how save it could be, how awful it can be turned out. These boots Kate's wearing are fine for your casual wear, but combined with this dress some higher heels would be much appropriate. And I definitely dislike this haircut! No feminity, no sex-appeal at all. Rate: 4


                              Ella at Chivas Promo Event


As in my previous post about Ella. I was shocked what she could wear in one month. I miss her cheerful and innocent character in 'Revolving Doors of Vengeance'! This is no exception either. I am actually not even sure if this a black dress. She wears this see-through so messy! I guess the attention has to go to the golden bra, if that's stays on the place than it will be ok ah. And with Ella's broad shoulders she should not wear halter tops. It will only make it even more broad. And her pose with her hand in her side, she should bring her arm more in her back. No further words...Rate: 1


Regular ones:


                                 Miss Hong Kong: Janet Chow and Tracy Yip


Two former Miss Hong Kong. I see great potential in both two ladies. Tracy has the graceful, beautiful appearance. Janet seems to have a nice, decent personality. I voted her to win over Aimee Chan in 2006. Janet is wearing a silky black dress, with high waist. Personally I think it kinda looks like a nightgown. I like the half curly, half straight hair. Tracy  wearing a black dress with black bra en covered with lace. The black bra is kinda obvious. It would be better it's part of the dress. It looks the dress is split in two. And maybe a bit to tight? But the smile makes the two ladies really beautiful. Janet and Tracy both Rate: 6


                                Finally Found Fame: Angela Tong


I am glad for Angela, that's she finally got recognition after her performance in 'Life made Simple'. Angela is wearing a layered black dress. It reminds me of Race's black dress, but Angela sure got the right length, beautiful open black shoes, hair tight up finished with eye catthing earrings. I like the whole look of Angela, except for the fur. I have to admit it add some exclusivity to the look. But it will also do with some fake fur, just for the effect. Probably I will never understand why people like to wear a dead animal. Rate: 8


                                Rising Star: Natalie Tong


Natalie turning point in her career would be in the upcoming series 'The Most Beautiful Seventh Day'. Finally a big role as second female lead! Congrats to Natalie. In the picture she's wearing a very long tube top-like dress. You cannot see the dress properly, but I like the whole appearance of Natalie. Very natural with less make-up, no accesoirize at all! Just a beautiful timid smile is enough to capture you in this picture. And last, but not least Wonderful shoes! I like the black-white heal, white straps. This truely can be a shoe advertisement! Rate: 8,5  (I choose this to be with the regular ones, because I love the picture itself, more than the dress) 


Best ones:


                                     Sexy new fadan: Tavia


As I said in my previous post about Tavia. Tavia suddenly got this sexy transformation. She's wearing a simple elegant high-waist black dress. Perfect black dress for many occasions! She's wearring simple rounded earrings and a golden bracelet/watch (?). The hair and make-up makes this outfit suitable to wear to a chique function (or party). Rate: 8


                                     Style Queen: Bernice Liu


Although I really dislike Bernice her acting... still really stiff. But her appearance is really beautiful. She's the girl with the charisma. And definitely every clothing looks stunning when Bernice is wearing it. So is this simple black dress. I like the deep shaped V, because only Bernice can wear such low cut dress, without beeing sleazy, but really sexy. Less HK celebrities could and would do that. Perfectly combined with nice jewellery. Thumbs up Bernice! Rate: 9


                                     Another Rising Star: Vivien Yeo


I really dislike Vivien in 'Sunshine Heartbeat'. I thought her acting was fake and she was trying to be cute, and of course the horrible accent. But she is truely a beautiful lady! She participated 'Miss Chinese International'in 2004. The year that Linda Chung took the crown. Vivien is wearing a black buttoned dress, which is available in a lot of fashion stores now. I like it because you can make this dress sexy or decent, just open or close and extra button, lol. Vivien is wearing the sexy style with showing more of her amazing leggs and high heels for an casual occasion. Great pose. Rate: 9



Final conclusion: As you can see, everyone have to have at least one black dress! Don't forget to style the LBJ with the right accesoirize, make-up and hairstyle! Black is Beautiful!!!




Credits: Wikepedia, TungStar,, Sina, etc.

Posted: 20:18, 8/7/2007
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