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Fashion Sense - Tavia's transformation
Fashion Sense


~~Rain~~ Amsterdam. The Main subject in this blog is about ~Fashion~ Hope u will enjoying reading this blog! Please feel free to comment

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Tavia's transformation

Tavia started in the entertainment industry with an image as a very timid, happy, social girl-next-door look! She filmed many series for TVB (35!), first in really minor roles which I don't even remember seeing her. I first noticed her,...probably in 'War of the Genders'. She was introduced in this series, at the same time with Patricia Liu. Unlike Patricia, Tavia was the one who caught people's attention in her acting. I remember Patricia was more into presenting a talkshow. I always have been very 'neutral' towards Tavia. Never watched her series, just for her. It was when I watched 'Face to Fate' when she kinda impress me. And I think she impressed everyone with her refreshing role in 'Dicey Business'!!! And her sudden change of her image, after this role! She is now the sexy, social, happy chick! Lol!


Here are some opinions of me about Tavia's style. Hope u will enjoy reading!


Young Tavia in the early years


Young Tavia in both pictures. You can see she uses a little make-up. Very natural. Tavia also dressed in very simple clothes. Shirts with colourful prints. Probably wearing a pair of jeans. In my opinion I think Tavia clothes are too childish. rate: 2


Tavia in 2004; sweet girl

Tavia already 3 years ago! I love Tavia's blush on her face. It makes her very cute. Especially with the pink coloured trousers, and flowers on the shirt. Yes, another shirt with print! She looks ordinary, that if she could living next to you in the same street! That makes Tavia so special, she seems so down to earth. rate: 6


Tavia in 2005: her tough look!

This is Tavia's tough look that resembles her presence nowadays. Simple black shirt, cool black jacket, pair of jeans and the uggs. I never liked the uggs. Surely they are really comfortable, but they just aren't really pretty for the eye! You wear snowboots in Antartica, where it's cold and you needed ,ehm not in Hong Kong or here in Europe. I rather see Tavia here with black high heels. Btw really cool glasses. rate: 8 (uggs excluded) 


Tavia with cap

*Not everyone can wear a hat or a cap. I definitely not, because the shape of my head and face are not really pretty underneath it. But Tavia sure has the better shape for wearing one! She looks so cute and beautiful in this Miss Sixty winter cap!

And take a look at her refined make-up. Black mascara, green eyeshadow, blush on the cheeks and pink lipstick. You can buy this in every drugstore! Tavia's looks so natural with this less make-up! We should also try! rate:10

*second pic with Ron. The cap looks also great on Tavia. But the top is a little too childish. An apple on one side, and a flower on the other side of the chest. Lol. The necklace is mismatched, and the straps of the bra are too obvious. rate:3


Tavia in 2006; mature

Tavia looks really mature in these clothing. Just a white laced top underneath a simple grey deep V-neck sweater, and in a pair of jeans. Probably her tied up curled hair makes her even more mature. Very basic clothing, but very nice on Tavia. rate:8


Tavia at the 'Dicey Business' blessing ceremony

What I said earlier: Tavia breakthrough role in her image. She says goodbye to her prudish image and steps into the world where sex sells. Is it her tanned skin and wild curly hair, that makes her even more sexy? I like Tavia's yellow dress. The red, orange spot in the middle looks weird, but I guess it add some little extra to the dress. The deep décolléte of the dress is probably too sexy, so a ordinary white spaghetti top is the solution. A must have basic! I have several of them, very handy. rate:8


Tavia sexy look proceeds.....

Sexy Tavia again in the style of her DB character. Tavia is wearing a multi-coloured striped see-through top. Under this top she wears a white spaghetti straps top (here it is again!). This time a short one, so you can see through her belly and showing a little bit of hips. A bit too revealing for me, but with Tavia's great body no problem. I don't like the pink application on the jeans (so over now) It distracts me of the nice top. Rate:8


Tavia and Bosco 'Heart Of Greed' costume fitting

From the curled hair Tavia turning straight hair with likewise straight cutted fringe for her character in HOG. Wearing a silk pink shirt,spaghetti straps black top, and jeans. Tavia looks stunning, ready for a night out! I prefer this haircut than the curly one. This just suits Tavia more. Rate:9


Tavia at a HOG promo event

Tavia looks great here! But if you analize what she's wearing piece by piece you will consider it strange! Hehehe....

An ordinary white buttoned shirt, black short trousers...very save, very basic.

Suspenders, what I said earlier in Linda's article I don't like them, but Tavia surely change my opinion about it. She wears it as an elegant accesoirize!

Black overknees, also not a fashion item for this season. But wearing boots over the knees would look trashy. This makes it perfect, classy with the classy basics.

The long, golden necklace is the eyecather! Together one perfect outfit for Tavia, couldn't be better! rate:9


Tavia with Ron at the 'On the First Beat' costume fitting

Tavia and Ron are best friends. They are so sweet together. Tavia wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt, gilet and another pair of jeans. Take a look at the shoes. Tavia loves wearing pink details! They actually don't seem really comfortable, but if you want to be beautiful you sometimes have to bear the a saying goes. The colours don't seem to match, but I like this spontaneous pick of clothing. It surely matches Ron! hehehe rate:9


Tavia and Fala at the HOG ending promo

Tavia with another hairstyle change. Back to curled hair but dyed in some reddish colour. Ehmm I like asians having dark-coloured hair, so I am not really fond of this booming colour. The white blouse seems really complicated, hehe. I like the black and white skirt, really very short...Seems Tavia really wants to show her right side of her hips,lol. rate: 8


Tavia at the Motorola Promo event

Tavia wearing another multi-coloured striped top. This time revealing her belly bottom. The back is even more sexier! I like the striped top above more than this one. This one is more revealing. And with all these sjawls, too busy.  Seems Tavia is wearing less everytime. Rate:5


Tavia's Style:

As said many times, in the last year, she changed many times in her appearance! But Tavia will always wear t-shirts with cute prints in her casual times. She loves pink details, whether it's an application on her jeans or pink shoes. One time she will wear mult-coloured clothing, the other time she will wear very basic black and white coloured clothes. She wears very less accesoirize to accomplish her outfit. One bracelet, or a nice belt will do the job.

At last, but not least Tavia loves her jeans!!! This is unmissable in her closet! And we admit we all agree with her. I am curious what appearance we will see from Tavia the next time we see her!

Average rate for Tavia: 7!!!!



Credits to The Sun, Tung star, Ent-magazine etc.





Posted: 19:07, 21/6/2007
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