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Fashion Sense - Costume fitting 'War of In Laws 2007'
Fashion Sense


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Costume fitting 'War of In Laws 2007'

I found this article:



translated by J

New Drama , Ah Jie, Liza Wang, would be portraying a high-executive in the fashion industry. She would be wearing the latest fashion trends in this show. This would remind us about . Liza said that even though the background of the two characters are quite similar (referring to Miranda Priestly), but character wise, it would be totally different. There are also rumours that Liza would be having some intimate scenes with Benz Hui. Liza said, "I don't know, but I know that I would have to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Benz Hui when he faints in one of the scenes."

In this series, Myolie Wu would be heavily picked on by Liza Wang, and would have to wear 5-6inch high heels everyday. She would also have to face Liza Wang as Liza tries to transform her into a sophisticated girl. Myolie would also be partnering with Bosco, "We have not worked together for quite sometime, and we would have to build up our chemistry again. I don't know if we would have any inimate scenes together. I am most afraid of intimate scenes as I feel quite awkward." Bosco said that he's not worried that he and Myolie would have rumours this time.

Vivienne Yeo would be acting as a third party in the Myolie-Bosco relationship. But Vivienne said that she would not be a third party in real life.


My thoughts:

Yeah, can't wait for this series! As said in the article, this series resembles 'The Devils Wears Prada'. So what can we expect:

*Myolie turning from an ugly duck to a beautiful swan? So definitely really stylish outfits!(and of course some ridiculous, ugly outfits in the beginning) I read she playes a cop, also reminds me of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality!

*Myolie and Bosco pairing up again. Hope to see some sweet/ romantic/ funny  scenes. Hope to see a kissing scene from them...awww..

*Benz Hui was superb in 'Dicey Business', so I hope he will be also superb in here! Good match for Liza.

*As for Liza don't worry, she can play a b*tch...I hope that she will have less screen time. To be honest I am not really fond of her.

*Vivienne is tall and beautiful. Hope she will also wear some nice outfits. Hope that her acting is improved, and please hope her canto will be more clear.


Hope to see some pics soon! Can't wait for more!


Ehmmm hope to see more stylish pics than this one, lol

pic thanks to MetalAZNWarrior from


More pics....

Golden trio again!


Bosco looks so funny!  I do thinks spencers are old-fashioned, but  in the black-white combination it looks great on Bosco. rate: 7


I guess Liza Ah Jie wants to be a Audrey Hepburn look-a-like? Hope she will only were this 'costume' at the costume fitting and not in the series. I mean what's up with the hair? Dress normal suitable for your age....Ah Jie definitely has not the classical Audrey Hepburn look! It suits Myolie more. rate for Ah Jie: 1 (this is minimum) and rate just for the clothes, I really like the black belt! : 4


Vivien is the best looking at the costume fitting. She really now how to pose before a camera. She is gracious in almost every pic! I do see that she is called the successor of Ada Choi as a fadan. Ada is also absolutely gracious. I also like Vivien's haircut, it suits her very well. Her flower dress is really summerish, although the flower patterns are mwah. Vivien wears it great! rate:8 


other credits: mingpao, oriental daily etc.



Posted: 22:02, 5/6/2007
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