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Fashion Sense - Sharon VS Niki
Fashion Sense


~~Rain~~ Amsterdam. The Main subject in this blog is about ~Fashion~ Hope u will enjoying reading this blog! Please feel free to comment

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Sharon VS Niki

A little bit off-topic: In the beginning I couldn't seperate Sharon Chan and Niki Chow. Yeah, I really couldn't! Their appearance, their feature are so look-a-like. Unlike others, who think that Sharon and Rain Li are the look-a-likes. They played together in 'Dream of Colours', so I could seperate them. It was the first time I noticed Sharon. Niki really impressed me in 'Under The Canopy of Love'. 'Under The Canopy of Love' is now one of my favourite series. I like Niki's sweet character, and no doubt she is also a fun, sweet and out-going person in real-life. Sharon also improved a lot in her acting. She totally convinced me with her role in 'Devil's Desciple'.  I still think they do really look a like. See yourself>>>>>




Name: 陳敏之 / Chan Man Chi (Chen Min Zhi)   周麗淇 / Chow Lai Kei (Zhou Li Qi)    

English Name: Sharon Chan                                    Niki Chow

Nickname:                                                                        君君                                 

Profession: Actress, model and singer                 Actress, model and singer

Birthdate: 1979 Jan 17                                               1979 August 30

Birthplace: ?                                                                    Hong Kong

Height: 174cm                                                                 174cm

Weight: 50kg                                                                    50kg

Star sign: Capricorn                                                      Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Horse                                               Sheep

Family: Parents, brother, and a god-brother    Parents, brother and sister (Kathy Chow)


As you can see they are besides being a model, actress and singer, they are also born in the same year! And they also have the same height and weight! They have a lot in common! Lol, what a coincidence, I didn't know that either, before searching for their profile for this arcticle.


Cute Look


Hahaha, another coincidence? They are doing the same peace-gesture and are both wearing yellow clothes! Mostly you see Niki with her cute bright smile at photos, I am not really used to see Sharon also can be very cute-like :), but she is quite cute here with those ponytails.


Sexy Look


I think Sharon has more sex-appeal than Niki. But as you can see Niki can also be very sexy at photoshoots, when it's needed. They both look stunning in their dress.


On Stage


They both are singers. Sharon's dream was to become a singer. But during her modeling career, an acting career was suggested to her. However, she recorded a song on the Lady in Red CD that also featured other TVB actresses. The song is called "Love Steps" (逐格重播), which is also the title song for 'At Home With Love' . I have to say Sharon has a quite impressive voice. Hope she will have the chance to release her own cd!

Niki also started as a model at age 17th! She has more success in the singing industry. She successfully launched two cd's. Already won an award for best newcomer.




Kevin Cheng are one of the co-stars, who have worked both with Sharon and Niki.


Sharon and Kevin:

Here Kevin and Sharon in 'Devil's Disciples'. I really like their story in the series. They have great chemistry. They also look very compatible with each other. Sharon's outfit here looks to manly. Kevin also could wear Sharon's outfit, lol. I like her white/blue outfit at the end of the story. 



I didn't watch 'Trimming Success', so cannot judge about the chemistry of them in this series. The series just don't look really attractive to me. Btw Kevin looks much younger here.


Niki and Kevin:

Kevin and Niki's chemistry was really amazing in 'Under the Canopy Of Love'. They were so natural in this series. I really love this couple! All their scenes together were sparkling!! And this kiss was so sweet!!! I can't wait to see 'The Seventh Day'!!! Hope this new series will bring back their amazing chemistry!


Another series I didn't watch': 'Hard Fate'. When I was searching for a screencap for this article. I had a lot of screencaps of the scenes between Kevin and Niki. And they looked so cute together. Maybe I will re-watch this series for them.


Another co-star is Bosco Wong.

Sharon and Bosco

Sharon and Bosco in 'Lethal Weapon Of Love and Passion'. They were very funny in this series. I thought in some scenes Sharon really pretend to be cute. I didn't really like her character. They have an OK chemistry.


Sharon and Bosco in 'The Devil's Disciple'. I far more like their brother-and-sister relationship than their playing lovers in 'Lethal Weapon Of Love and Passion'. Sharon looks more mature than Bosco. This scene is so sweet. Hate when Bosco actually wants to trick Sharon, here.


Niki and Bosco

It was really hard to find a screencap from Niki and Bosco in 'Under The Canopy of Love'. Problably, because favo-couple is Niki with Kevin. But I do like their chemistry together. Hope they will have an opportunity in the future to play a love couple again.


Another co-star is Moses Chan. I totally forgot about this one! Yesterday it just popped up in my head! lol, I forgot the coöperation with Sharon ah... 'The Charm Beneath'. I watched this series a while, and it was quite draggy and boring. Sharon has a small role in here as the love interest of Moses. She was maybe the most interesting part in the storyline. At one time you will believe her, at the other time you will disgrace her , but for the ones who actually have seen 'The Charm Beneath'. I will pity her. I realize that Sharon was very good in her performance! Their chemistry was ok.


Niki and Moses

Moses and Niki in 'The Gentle Crackdown'. Moses was so funny in this series! Especially when he laughs :0...hahaha. He quite have a big mouth. This is Niki's breakthrough performance, and she totally deserves it. She makes 12 mui so sweet. Unlike they don't really match (I think Moses looks much older), they have great chemistry!


As you can read> I really like both Sharon and Niki.

*I hope to see Sharon in bigger roles in the future. Her dream now is becoming #1 sister! Hope she will achieve her goal, because she definitely has the potential. I wish her all the luck. And hope she can deliver some good performances in the future!

*As for Niki. She definitely achieved more than Sharon. She already won 'the most improved' award at TVB. She also starred in several movies, several cd's! She is totally hot. She definitely is the most liked newcomer as well in TV, movies or in the singing industry! So I hope she will be bigger in the future, and transform from 'the 'newcomer' to a 'keeper'.


Credits: K for TVB, TVB official site, Entertainment Magazine, Wikipedia etc.







Posted: 20:35, 3/6/2007
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Can i reply on that niki thingy Niki i think she is not a model??????

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