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Fashion Sense - Linda is Hot
Fashion Sense


~~Rain~~ Amsterdam. The Main subject in this blog is about ~Fashion~ Hope u will enjoying reading this blog! Please feel free to comment

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Linda is Hot

I haven't watched 'Heart of Greed' yet, but I heard that Linda has a really sweet and likable character in this series. And that she did improve in this series. I haven't watched all Linda's series. Mostly I skipped them , like 'Heavenly in Laws' and the most recent one 'Best Bet'. I did watched 'Always Ready', 'The Biter Bitten', but I watched them because of the co-stars like Shirley, Charmaine, Benny, Chris etc. Not for Linda, because I didn't feel the 'click' with her (yet). So, I hope my 'click' with Linda will be after watching 'Heart of Greed'.


Here are some opinions of me about Linda's style. Hope u will enjoy reading!


Linda in Casual Wear


Linda at a promo event for 'Heart of Greed'

What I really like about Linda is here timid smile. That's making her so sweet. I like Linda's curly hair here, very feminine and playful. Her clothes are styled perfect. Top matches watch, necklace matches belt. One disadvantage is the top, the colour off-white suits Linda very well, but the short, folded sleeves makes her shoulders very big. But this casual outfit looks really stunning. Rate: 8


Linda at the TV awards 2007

This is one of my favorite outfit of Linda. It may not fit the event (award show of a magazine) ,but this casual wear will definitely be suitable for a day out. I like the clean presence of Linda in this white shirt and shorts, very basics. But finished with stunning boots! Resembles the patterns of  Burberry. And the big red bag as an eyecather (big bags are still hot) Hair tied up and with nice rounded earrings! Perfect! Rate: 9,5


Linda and Vivien at a promo event for The Lady in Red album

I'm confused, is Linda wearing a skirt? It looks strange around her right leg, or is it a short? I do like the gold and shining effect of the skirt/shorts. The top is quite ordinary, but combined with the black gilet (still hot) and necklace. It still looks great.  I also like the bronze shoes. Nice outfit, despite the skirt/shorts! Rate: 8


Linda filming 'Jewel's Splendor'

I really like Linda's long sleeved, grey dress. The horizontal elastic stripes at the bottom of the dress makes the dress sporty. The waist looks kinda strange. Is that the bottom of the white top underneath the dress? Together with the belt, it emphasises Linda's belly. (problably she doesn't have that) Overall Linda looks good. I am curious, what else she will be wearing in Jewel's Splendor. Rate: 8


Linda at her 23rd birthday

Sure this birthdaygirl looks great. I always like the combination purple/blue. And in this dress it looks really great!!! The moccasin boots are also very cute. Rate: 9


Linda and Tavia at the tvb lightning ceremony (10-2006)

and Linda at a promo event in Singapore (04-2007)

It's rare for a tvb actress to wear the same outfit at an open event. Linda really loves this outfit! But I am not really pleased with it. It's a dress, why wearing suspenders to pull up the bottom? Not to mention, that suspenders are out. At the first pic she wears a pair of jeans underneath it. Nothing wrong about that, but the dress is too long. It makes it plump. And the earrings are also the same :) Rate: 5


Linda in Evening Wear


Linda after winning Most Improved actress at the TVB awards 2007

Although she didn't laugh out loud, but sure Linda is shining in the picture. She is wearing just a simple, white plain, strapless dress. It really suits Linda's personality.  And I like the white feather/flower in her hair. Maybe the diamond necklace could be removed. Average for me. Rate:7


Linda and Sunny in the TVB calandar 2007

First I didn't notice that this is actually Linda in the pic. She looks much older in the pic. Mainly because of the short curled hair. But she looks great in this darkred gown. Very classic thirties style. The white gloves should be replaced by some dark coloured ones. Rate: 7,5


Linda showing her jewels at the 'Jewel's Splendor' costume fitting

Another red dress for Linda. The dress is ordinary, but very nice. Of course the jewels should be the eyecather of this costume fitting. But simple, but classic totally belongs to Linda. Rate: 8


Linda at the premiƩre of 'Love Is Not All Around'

Linda in a gold evening gown and golden peep toe shoes. Linda's first movie, so she definitely have to outshine the other cast members. But I do think the gown is kinda old fashioned. I like the neckline, but the spangles on the black top is too much. Rate: 8


Linda's personality

This picture totally reflects the personality of Linda. Linda is in my eyes a very shy,sweet, timid girl-next-door. A very natural beauty. She doesn't need much too look great. The white dress is simple, plain white. This is Linda. Rate: 8,5


Linda's Style:

Linda's outfits are really classical. She uses basic clothing to combine with the hot season items. And finished it with simple accesoirizes. She loves to wear the colour white! That's her colour. I do like her in casual wear, because you can see the young, cheerful Linda. Evening wear makes her more mature. But Linda definitely knows how to dress! Thumbs up!!! Average rate for Linda: 8!!!




credits to Tungstar, orisun, TVB, jayne stars etc.

Posted: 23:53, 27/5/2007
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Naamloze reactie

I totally agree with you. Linda's smoking HOT!! Her shy appearance adds charm to her looks, and when she flashes that grin of hers, I just melt into mush, mesmerized by her beauty! But she doesn't play the 'cool' and naughty look too well though...she needs to portray sweet innocent roles...

Posted by dreyvii at 18:38, 8/6/2007


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