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Fashion Sense - The Fashion in 'The Brink Of Law'
Fashion Sense


~~Rain~~ Amsterdam. The Main subject in this blog is about ~Fashion~ Hope u will enjoying reading this blog! Please feel free to comment

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The Fashion in 'The Brink Of Law'

It's been a while, since I finished "The Brink Of Law". Besides the catching storyline, there was also another memorable aspect of this amazing series: The styling of the actors/actresses. Of course a part of the story settles in the fashion industry, so they has to put more effort in the styling. The guys ( Steven, Ron ) and the girls (Bernice, Kate, Shirley) are all so goodlooking!!!



*Kate is wearing an oversized shirt, with a half open back. I really like the colour purple she is wearing. The back looks really interesting. An eyecather. To bad in front it's finished with a necklace of coloured balls. It's looks nice on Kate, but it will be definitely not be my choice. Rate: 7.5

*Ron is wearing an ordinary white buttoned shirt. Ron has a really tanned skin, combined with white clothing is an succesful combination. It really looks great and sexy on him, especially with the glasses, what makes him mature. Rate: 8

*Shirley is wearing an off-shoulder knitted top finished with matching necklace and belt. I really like this outfit. It's simple, but sophisticated. Very stylish and timeless look. Rate: 8,5



*Bernice is wearing a brownish, flowered blouse with matching short pants/skirts (?). What's with the flowered blouse, it's more suitable for a granny, than for bernice. I do like the shoes she's wearing, very summer, but on top I rather see a dress. Rate: 5

*Steven is wearing a brown buttoned shirt and white pants. Sure it matches Bernice outfit! They look really compatible together. I like the V-neck shirt on Steven, gives him a sensual, but casual look.  Especially he's also more tanned, what looks great on him. Rate: 7,5



This is a funeral scene.

*Kate's outfit is really misplaced! Who wears a pair of jeans to a funeral. That's way to casual! And what's that orange thing in her hair? The silver sjawl and top with the black sweater is not really flattering for her figure as well. Sorry Kate, but you should get changed immediately. Rate: 2

*Ron, Shirley and Vin, they all wear a white/black combination. Either the bottom is black, top white. Or bottom white, top black. I rather see them all in black. Ron is wearing an ordinary outfit. Rate:6   

*Rather not loving the white/black combination of Shirley's, I think the top and pants wearing seperately will be better. The bag looks kinda cheap. I would choose a black leather bag instead. Rate:6.

*Vin should definitely get rid of those sunglasses. They look awful. Besides that he looks fine. Rate:6,5

*Michelle is wearing black pants, a black top with a nice, silvered round neck and a black sjawl. This looks so elegant. Even at a funeral. This really suits Michelle's wealthy character. Too bad , her bag seems so flat, like she is not caring anything with her. Rate:7,5



*Kate is wearing an aquamarine top. This is the outfit I like on Kate the most. The colour really suits her, and I like the matching eye-shadow. The necklace is this time not too huge, and the bag seems really comfortable. Thumbs up. Rate: 9. I shall not comment on Ron's outfit.



*Stephen is wearing a square patterned buttoned shirt with an spencer. The shirt is to oversized, the patterns are not done...this is so old fashioned! Stephen is so young and yet he had to wear something a 60+, even wouldn't wear. Did they give all the nice clothes to Ron and Steven? I really feel sorry for him. Rate:2

*Ron is wearing a brown t-shirt and white pants. It seems white pants for the guys is very popular. Everything in this series Ron wears looks amazing on him. Rate:8

*Michelle is wearing a glittered black top, with grey pants and a blue coloured sjawl. They all seems not matched with each other. The pants are too casual to wear with the top. The sjawl is in a very soft colour, compared to the black top. There's something wrong with this look. But I have to say mismatched or not, when Michelle wears it, it's always elegant. Rate: 6

*Shirley is wearing a white laced top, with matching gilet and short pants. This is my favourite outfit. It looks really great on Shirley. This outfit maybe will last a couple of seasons, but this really let us see what's the fashion nowadays. rate:9,5



*Shirley is wearing a green top. It's matching the necklace very well. Simple top + eyecathing long necklace is a very safe combination (if you can match them). I think the earrings should be smaller, here it's distracting the outfit. Rate: 7

*Bernice is wearing a black long sleeved top. Black is always safe and easy to match with other colours. It looks really good on Benice. I like the silver ring and necklace that adds some extras to the simple outfit. And nice sunglasses, but putting your sunglasses in your hair should not be done anymore. Rate: 7



*Two guys in a suit. I really like guys wearing a suit. It looks so professional. Ron's wearing a soft coloured suit. I really liked he didn't have a tie, unlike Steven. It looks professional, yet relaxed. Rate: 8

*Steven's suit is blue striped with a blue tie. I like the colour of the tie, because it adds some youthness to the striped suit. This matches Steven well. Rate:7,5


Best dressed female: Shirley. All her outfits are fashionable and suits her very well.

Best dressed male: Ron. I like the relaxed, but mature look. Very sexy.


credits to TVB






Posted: 12:23, 15/5/2007
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for the picture of the funeral scene, just think it's weird that you would comment their outfits when they're at a FUNERAL! I don't think that when you go to a funeral, you try to make it into a fashion contest and look your best. When you go to a funera, you don't plan on using a leather bag or not, you just try your best to fit into something proper and attend sadly.

Posted by Anonymous at 05:42, 15/7/2007


Naamloze reactie

This is a funeral scene, yes. But let's not forget this is a series, fiction.Characters are dressed by a stylist. Who will choose proper clothing for the actors and actresses. That's my comments are about.

Posted by rain at 17:43, 18/7/2007


Naamloze reactie

yes, exactly, it is a series ao they should be more focussed on the acting.

Posted by Anonymous at 07:08, 19/9/2007



you're an ass

Posted by Anonymous at 07:09, 19/9/2007


Naamloze reactie

If you delete this post it would mean that you're an ass and you're too scared to admit it! just like you deleted my cbox post... bitch!!... why is your stupid blog in a different language?? that's gay.

Posted by hehe at 19:01, 22/9/2007


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