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Fashion Sense
Fashion Sense


~~Rain~~ Amsterdam. The Main subject in this blog is about ~Fashion~ Hope u will enjoying reading this blog! Please feel free to comment

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New personal blog!!!!!

Hi, I am story continues  here:

Posted: 21:00, 29/11/2007
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'Liar Game' Japanese Series

I am captured instead of watching TVB series I turned watching Japanese series! I am still watching 'The Drive of Life', but It really got boring. I haven't really seen Myolie in this series, yet. Her character is'n't really developed (yet).


But I recently finished my first Japanese series: 'Liar Game'. I thought I give it a try, because I read it resembles 'Death Note'. That's another anime, manga, which I only have watch the live-action movies. Coincidentally they both have Erika Toda as the female lead. And believe me 'Liar Game' is superb. I watched it within in a couple of days. I could watch all the episodes in one day, if I haven't go to my work, lol.



This series is starring Erika Toda as Kanzaki Nao and Matsuda Shota as Akiyama Shinichi..hehe his hair looks kinda scary in the picture. In the series it will be more 'normal',lol.




Based on the manga series of the same name, Toda Erika plays an honest college student, Kanzaki Nao, who receives a hundred million yen one day, along with a card saying she has been chosen to take part in the "Liar Game". The aim of the game is to trick the other players out of their hundred million dollars. At the end, the winner gets the hundred million and the loser is a hundred million yen in debt. The next day, she receives notification that her opponent is her former teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo. She goes to him, seeking help, but ends up getting tricked into handing her money over. Desperate, she approaches the police for help, but they are unable to do anything. However, she is told of a mastermind swindler, Akiyama Shinichi, who is to be released from jail the next day. Desperate, she goes to him for help.............. -- Rikayla (Updated by Backalley)(credits DramaWiki) 



I really like 'the song and credits' part between the series starts off. The contrast between the two characters resembles the red/black setting in the picture. Really stylish....


As a fashion lover... I also have to mention the colourful dressing style of Japanese women...and in this case of Toda Erika. It seems every outfit looks cute on her, despite of the mismatching colours or the layer over layer outfit.


Some screencaps of the firts episode:



Toda Erika in a reddish dress, dark blue buttoned sweater, yellow tights, brown boots, cream coloured bag. Probably I will never wear yellow tights. I admire her for wearing this combination! :)



Hehehe, funny pose. The dress seems way too big for her, and she also wears a yellow longsleeve underneath it. Ehmm not really fond of this combi.



I think I like this dress the most. I wouldn't wear the turtle-neck underneath it. If it's cold I rather choose a cardigan or a bolero.



Toda Erika in a pink cardigan, white shirt, red skirt. Looks very cute on her. I also like this combination very much..heheh...but not to wear the red skirt and pink cardigan together. I am sure everyone will notice you, so if you want attention....



And another pic from hottie Matsuda Shota. You will like or love him in this series. He's is so smart and cool!!!  lol


Final verdict:

If you like 'Death Note', you will love 'Liar Game'. If you like suspense, great plot you will love 'Liar Game'. Only Japanese will come with such superb series, thumbs up!


My next Japanese series is 'Hanazakari no Kimitachi e' aka 'For You in Full Blossom' It's a high school romance comedy. I am loving it! To be continued.....


screencaps credits to cpopbaby19 @ soompi forums

Posted: 21:38, 9/9/2007

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights

The first time I watched Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights was 2 years ago on my birthday in the cinema. And I LOVE it!!!!! And recently I bought the DVD and rewatched it and I even LOVE it more!!!!! Diego Luna is so cute, adorable in this movie!!! So I definitely want to share some memorable scenes with you all. Romola Garai looks beautiful in the dresses she wears in this movie!




Plot Summary (from Wikepedia) (spoilers)


Shy, intelligent, eighteen-year-old Katey Miller moves from United States to Havana, Cuba with her parents in November 1958 right before the Revolution breaks out. Her parents expect her to move within their well-to-do circles, but she defies their wish when she falls in love with Javier Suarez, a waiter who also happens to be a talented club dancer. Secretly meeting in a Havana nightclub, the pair practice their Salsa dance routine in preparation for a prestigious national dance competition.

However, Katey's parents are ex-professional dancers who trained her in ballroom dancing, whereas Javier has been trained in the titular Cuban style of dirty dancing, and the two must reconcile the differences between their styles if they are to win. Things become more heated when the coming revolution spells trouble for the pair's plans. When the Revolution breaks out, Katey and Javier go to a beach tent and they make love. The day after, Katey finds out that she has to leave Cuba. On their last night in Havana together, Katey and Javier share a night full of dancing before they say goodbye, and Katey moves back to the United States....


Awww...the first dance scene of Javier and Katey in 'La Rosa Negra'


Diego Luna just sweaty, lol...His smile is so cute!!!!!


During the dance competition. The dress and shoes from Romola you can easily wear nowadays. The dress is really like coming alive when they are dancing!


This looks like an old-fashioned dress, because of the flowery print and the creamy colour. But I like the halter-neck and the hair falling over her shoulders. She is wearing it so pure.


Last dance in 'La Rosa Negra'.... This is my favo outfit of Romola in the movie. Again with the halter-neck, but this time in a youthful blue colour!!! Suits her perfect.


I can't get enough of it! For the ones who haven't watched this movie yet. If you just wanna sit back and this movie! For the ones who already watched this it again, because when you are finished you wanna dance again!  I certainly will watch this movie over and over again!

Posted: 16:28, 1/9/2007
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Jessica in The Drive Of Life

I am currently watching 'The Drive of Life'. I was stunned with Jessica's ladylike outfits in this series! I am starting with a new job in September in a big compagny. I could wear casual style in the office. But 'Ching Yue's' style is definitely an inspiration for me! lol



A scene in the early episodes. Jessica is wearing a lot of A-line skirts in this series. In this case a regular black one. I am not sure if this is a dress or just a black top and skirt. This outfit is well combined with a shaped jacket and white bag, less jewelry. I love the long hair, makes Jessica really pretty, and gives her a sweet, innocent look. 


Here Jessica wearing a black turtle neck, with an A-line patterned skirt and black high heels.Very classy and timeless. I like the black and white combinations. But isn't wearing a turtle neck really hot in Hong Kong? She has short hair, which give Jessica more trendy look.


Here you see Jessica short haircut, first appeared in episode 15. It really looks nice on Jessica!


I hope to see more inspiring outfits from Jessica in 'The Drive of Life'!!!



credits: TVB, Asianfanatics etc.

Posted: 21:12, 5/8/2007
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LBJ : Little Black dress.

The "little black dress" is considered by many women to be an essential part of a complete wardrobe. It is a well-known "rule of fashion" that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

My fashion icon forever is Audrey Hepburn.  She made the "little black dress" unforgettable in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Who will ever forget the black dress she wears in the movie! Designed by Hubert the Givenchy.


So a black dress is actually a really 'save' dress. With the right length or accesoirize it will make it suitable for every occasion. Check the following celebrities on their tasted of LBJ.


Worse ones:


                                  Race from the girls formation 2R


She wears a black silk layered black dress. To my idea very unflattering for her figure, because there's totally no cutting in this dress. The length should be way shorter, because the back of the dress is longer than the front, and it stops around her knees. This will make her really small. And in my mind I remember Race is a small girl, so wrong pick! She keeps it very clean with just wearing black earrings. And what about those plumpy shoes? She suddenly wants to add some colour to her outfit? Stiletto's would make her much more stylish and taller. Rate: 3


                                    Kate at the TVB Lightning ceremony 2006


Actually I have never loved Kate's wardrobe. And this is no exception. The dress is actually OK.  Nice V-neck cutting, plated bottom, very playful. But another 'save' item in your wardrobe are black boots. But please how save it could be, how awful it can be turned out. These boots Kate's wearing are fine for your casual wear, but combined with this dress some higher heels would be much appropriate. And I definitely dislike this haircut! No feminity, no sex-appeal at all. Rate: 4


                              Ella at Chivas Promo Event


As in my previous post about Ella. I was shocked what she could wear in one month. I miss her cheerful and innocent character in 'Revolving Doors of Vengeance'! This is no exception either. I am actually not even sure if this a black dress. She wears this see-through so messy! I guess the attention has to go to the golden bra, if that's stays on the place than it will be ok ah. And with Ella's broad shoulders she should not wear halter tops. It will only make it even more broad. And her pose with her hand in her side, she should bring her arm more in her back. No further words...Rate: 1


Regular ones:


                                 Miss Hong Kong: Janet Chow and Tracy Yip


Two former Miss Hong Kong. I see great potential in both two ladies. Tracy has the graceful, beautiful appearance. Janet seems to have a nice, decent personality. I voted her to win over Aimee Chan in 2006. Janet is wearing a silky black dress, with high waist. Personally I think it kinda looks like a nightgown. I like the half curly, half straight hair. Tracy  wearing a black dress with black bra en covered with lace. The black bra is kinda obvious. It would be better it's part of the dress. It looks the dress is split in two. And maybe a bit to tight? But the smile makes the two ladies really beautiful. Janet and Tracy both Rate: 6


                                Finally Found Fame: Angela Tong


I am glad for Angela, that's she finally got recognition after her performance in 'Life made Simple'. Angela is wearing a layered black dress. It reminds me of Race's black dress, but Angela sure got the right length, beautiful open black shoes, hair tight up finished with eye catthing earrings. I like the whole look of Angela, except for the fur. I have to admit it add some exclusivity to the look. But it will also do with some fake fur, just for the effect. Probably I will never understand why people like to wear a dead animal. Rate: 8


                                Rising Star: Natalie Tong


Natalie turning point in her career would be in the upcoming series 'The Most Beautiful Seventh Day'. Finally a big role as second female lead! Congrats to Natalie. In the picture she's wearing a very long tube top-like dress. You cannot see the dress properly, but I like the whole appearance of Natalie. Very natural with less make-up, no accesoirize at all! Just a beautiful timid smile is enough to capture you in this picture. And last, but not least Wonderful shoes! I like the black-white heal, white straps. This truely can be a shoe advertisement! Rate: 8,5  (I choose this to be with the regular ones, because I love the picture itself, more than the dress) 


Best ones:


                                     Sexy new fadan: Tavia


As I said in my previous post about Tavia. Tavia suddenly got this sexy transformation. She's wearing a simple elegant high-waist black dress. Perfect black dress for many occasions! She's wearring simple rounded earrings and a golden bracelet/watch (?). The hair and make-up makes this outfit suitable to wear to a chique function (or party). Rate: 8


                                     Style Queen: Bernice Liu


Although I really dislike Bernice her acting... still really stiff. But her appearance is really beautiful. She's the girl with the charisma. And definitely every clothing looks stunning when Bernice is wearing it. So is this simple black dress. I like the deep shaped V, because only Bernice can wear such low cut dress, without beeing sleazy, but really sexy. Less HK celebrities could and would do that. Perfectly combined with nice jewellery. Thumbs up Bernice! Rate: 9


                                     Another Rising Star: Vivien Yeo


I really dislike Vivien in 'Sunshine Heartbeat'. I thought her acting was fake and she was trying to be cute, and of course the horrible accent. But she is truely a beautiful lady! She participated 'Miss Chinese International'in 2004. The year that Linda Chung took the crown. Vivien is wearing a black buttoned dress, which is available in a lot of fashion stores now. I like it because you can make this dress sexy or decent, just open or close and extra button, lol. Vivien is wearing the sexy style with showing more of her amazing leggs and high heels for an casual occasion. Great pose. Rate: 9



Final conclusion: As you can see, everyone have to have at least one black dress! Don't forget to style the LBJ with the right accesoirize, make-up and hairstyle! Black is Beautiful!!!




Credits: Wikepedia, TungStar,, Sina, etc.

Posted: 20:18, 8/7/2007
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Little Note:

Hey all,


I am greatful for you all, who like (or dislike) my blog. It's great my hits are turning more and more. And you all appreciate my articles. I am really pleased about it. Thanks for all the support! And if you have any ideas about a new article, please let me know. I will consider and maybe if it's possible write an article about it. 


I am now busy on a new article. It takes me a lot of time to find the right pics that go with my article. So be

Posted: 20:31, 26/6/2007
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Tavia's transformation

Tavia started in the entertainment industry with an image as a very timid, happy, social girl-next-door look! She filmed many series for TVB (35!), first in really minor roles which I don't even remember seeing her. I first noticed her,...probably in 'War of the Genders'. She was introduced in this series, at the same time with Patricia Liu. Unlike Patricia, Tavia was the one who caught people's attention in her acting. I remember Patricia was more into presenting a talkshow. I always have been very 'neutral' towards Tavia. Never watched her series, just for her. It was when I watched 'Face to Fate' when she kinda impress me. And I think she impressed everyone with her refreshing role in 'Dicey Business'!!! And her sudden change of her image, after this role! She is now the sexy, social, happy chick! Lol!


Here are some opinions of me about Tavia's style. Hope u will enjoy reading!


Young Tavia in the early years


Young Tavia in both pictures. You can see she uses a little make-up. Very natural. Tavia also dressed in very simple clothes. Shirts with colourful prints. Probably wearing a pair of jeans. In my opinion I think Tavia clothes are too childish. rate: 2


Tavia in 2004; sweet girl

Tavia already 3 years ago! I love Tavia's blush on her face. It makes her very cute. Especially with the pink coloured trousers, and flowers on the shirt. Yes, another shirt with print! She looks ordinary, that if she could living next to you in the same street! That makes Tavia so special, she seems so down to earth. rate: 6


Tavia in 2005: her tough look!

This is Tavia's tough look that resembles her presence nowadays. Simple black shirt, cool black jacket, pair of jeans and the uggs. I never liked the uggs. Surely they are really comfortable, but they just aren't really pretty for the eye! You wear snowboots in Antartica, where it's cold and you needed ,ehm not in Hong Kong or here in Europe. I rather see Tavia here with black high heels. Btw really cool glasses. rate: 8 (uggs excluded) 


Tavia with cap

*Not everyone can wear a hat or a cap. I definitely not, because the shape of my head and face are not really pretty underneath it. But Tavia sure has the better shape for wearing one! She looks so cute and beautiful in this Miss Sixty winter cap!

And take a look at her refined make-up. Black mascara, green eyeshadow, blush on the cheeks and pink lipstick. You can buy this in every drugstore! Tavia's looks so natural with this less make-up! We should also try! rate:10

*second pic with Ron. The cap looks also great on Tavia. But the top is a little too childish. An apple on one side, and a flower on the other side of the chest. Lol. The necklace is mismatched, and the straps of the bra are too obvious. rate:3


Tavia in 2006; mature

Tavia looks really mature in these clothing. Just a white laced top underneath a simple grey deep V-neck sweater, and in a pair of jeans. Probably her tied up curled hair makes her even more mature. Very basic clothing, but very nice on Tavia. rate:8


Tavia at the 'Dicey Business' blessing ceremony

What I said earlier: Tavia breakthrough role in her image. She says goodbye to her prudish image and steps into the world where sex sells. Is it her tanned skin and wild curly hair, that makes her even more sexy? I like Tavia's yellow dress. The red, orange spot in the middle looks weird, but I guess it add some little extra to the dress. The deep décolléte of the dress is probably too sexy, so a ordinary white spaghetti top is the solution. A must have basic! I have several of them, very handy. rate:8


Tavia sexy look proceeds.....

Sexy Tavia again in the style of her DB character. Tavia is wearing a multi-coloured striped see-through top. Under this top she wears a white spaghetti straps top (here it is again!). This time a short one, so you can see through her belly and showing a little bit of hips. A bit too revealing for me, but with Tavia's great body no problem. I don't like the pink application on the jeans (so over now) It distracts me of the nice top. Rate:8


Tavia and Bosco 'Heart Of Greed' costume fitting

From the curled hair Tavia turning straight hair with likewise straight cutted fringe for her character in HOG. Wearing a silk pink shirt,spaghetti straps black top, and jeans. Tavia looks stunning, ready for a night out! I prefer this haircut than the curly one. This just suits Tavia more. Rate:9


Tavia at a HOG promo event

Tavia looks great here! But if you analize what she's wearing piece by piece you will consider it strange! Hehehe....

An ordinary white buttoned shirt, black short trousers...very save, very basic.

Suspenders, what I said earlier in Linda's article I don't like them, but Tavia surely change my opinion about it. She wears it as an elegant accesoirize!

Black overknees, also not a fashion item for this season. But wearing boots over the knees would look trashy. This makes it perfect, classy with the classy basics.

The long, golden necklace is the eyecather! Together one perfect outfit for Tavia, couldn't be better! rate:9


Tavia with Ron at the 'On the First Beat' costume fitting

Tavia and Ron are best friends. They are so sweet together. Tavia wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt, gilet and another pair of jeans. Take a look at the shoes. Tavia loves wearing pink details! They actually don't seem really comfortable, but if you want to be beautiful you sometimes have to bear the a saying goes. The colours don't seem to match, but I like this spontaneous pick of clothing. It surely matches Ron! hehehe rate:9


Tavia and Fala at the HOG ending promo

Tavia with another hairstyle change. Back to curled hair but dyed in some reddish colour. Ehmm I like asians having dark-coloured hair, so I am not really fond of this booming colour. The white blouse seems really complicated, hehe. I like the black and white skirt, really very short...Seems Tavia really wants to show her right side of her hips,lol. rate: 8


Tavia at the Motorola Promo event

Tavia wearing another multi-coloured striped top. This time revealing her belly bottom. The back is even more sexier! I like the striped top above more than this one. This one is more revealing. And with all these sjawls, too busy.  Seems Tavia is wearing less everytime. Rate:5


Tavia's Style:

As said many times, in the last year, she changed many times in her appearance! But Tavia will always wear t-shirts with cute prints in her casual times. She loves pink details, whether it's an application on her jeans or pink shoes. One time she will wear mult-coloured clothing, the other time she will wear very basic black and white coloured clothes. She wears very less accesoirize to accomplish her outfit. One bracelet, or a nice belt will do the job.

At last, but not least Tavia loves her jeans!!! This is unmissable in her closet! And we admit we all agree with her. I am curious what appearance we will see from Tavia the next time we see her!

Average rate for Tavia: 7!!!!



Credits to The Sun, Tung star, Ent-magazine etc.





Posted: 19:07, 21/6/2007
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Costume fitting 'War of In Laws 2007'

I found this article:



translated by J

New Drama , Ah Jie, Liza Wang, would be portraying a high-executive in the fashion industry. She would be wearing the latest fashion trends in this show. This would remind us about . Liza said that even though the background of the two characters are quite similar (referring to Miranda Priestly), but character wise, it would be totally different. There are also rumours that Liza would be having some intimate scenes with Benz Hui. Liza said, "I don't know, but I know that I would have to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Benz Hui when he faints in one of the scenes."

In this series, Myolie Wu would be heavily picked on by Liza Wang, and would have to wear 5-6inch high heels everyday. She would also have to face Liza Wang as Liza tries to transform her into a sophisticated girl. Myolie would also be partnering with Bosco, "We have not worked together for quite sometime, and we would have to build up our chemistry again. I don't know if we would have any inimate scenes together. I am most afraid of intimate scenes as I feel quite awkward." Bosco said that he's not worried that he and Myolie would have rumours this time.

Vivienne Yeo would be acting as a third party in the Myolie-Bosco relationship. But Vivienne said that she would not be a third party in real life.


My thoughts:

Yeah, can't wait for this series! As said in the article, this series resembles 'The Devils Wears Prada'. So what can we expect:

*Myolie turning from an ugly duck to a beautiful swan? So definitely really stylish outfits!(and of course some ridiculous, ugly outfits in the beginning) I read she playes a cop, also reminds me of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality!

*Myolie and Bosco pairing up again. Hope to see some sweet/ romantic/ funny  scenes. Hope to see a kissing scene from them...awww..

*Benz Hui was superb in 'Dicey Business', so I hope he will be also superb in here! Good match for Liza.

*As for Liza don't worry, she can play a b*tch...I hope that she will have less screen time. To be honest I am not really fond of her.

*Vivienne is tall and beautiful. Hope she will also wear some nice outfits. Hope that her acting is improved, and please hope her canto will be more clear.


Hope to see some pics soon! Can't wait for more!


Ehmmm hope to see more stylish pics than this one, lol

pic thanks to MetalAZNWarrior from


More pics....

Golden trio again!


Bosco looks so funny!  I do thinks spencers are old-fashioned, but  in the black-white combination it looks great on Bosco. rate: 7


I guess Liza Ah Jie wants to be a Audrey Hepburn look-a-like? Hope she will only were this 'costume' at the costume fitting and not in the series. I mean what's up with the hair? Dress normal suitable for your age....Ah Jie definitely has not the classical Audrey Hepburn look! It suits Myolie more. rate for Ah Jie: 1 (this is minimum) and rate just for the clothes, I really like the black belt! : 4


Vivien is the best looking at the costume fitting. She really now how to pose before a camera. She is gracious in almost every pic! I do see that she is called the successor of Ada Choi as a fadan. Ada is also absolutely gracious. I also like Vivien's haircut, it suits her very well. Her flower dress is really summerish, although the flower patterns are mwah. Vivien wears it great! rate:8 


other credits: mingpao, oriental daily etc.



Posted: 22:02, 5/6/2007
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Sharon VS Niki

A little bit off-topic: In the beginning I couldn't seperate Sharon Chan and Niki Chow. Yeah, I really couldn't! Their appearance, their feature are so look-a-like. Unlike others, who think that Sharon and Rain Li are the look-a-likes. They played together in 'Dream of Colours', so I could seperate them. It was the first time I noticed Sharon. Niki really impressed me in 'Under The Canopy of Love'. 'Under The Canopy of Love' is now one of my favourite series. I like Niki's sweet character, and no doubt she is also a fun, sweet and out-going person in real-life. Sharon also improved a lot in her acting. She totally convinced me with her role in 'Devil's Desciple'.  I still think they do really look a like. See yourself>>>>>




Name: 陳敏之 / Chan Man Chi (Chen Min Zhi)   周麗淇 / Chow Lai Kei (Zhou Li Qi)    

English Name: Sharon Chan                                    Niki Chow

Nickname:                                                                        君君                                 

Profession: Actress, model and singer                 Actress, model and singer

Birthdate: 1979 Jan 17                                               1979 August 30

Birthplace: ?                                                                    Hong Kong

Height: 174cm                                                                 174cm

Weight: 50kg                                                                    50kg

Star sign: Capricorn                                                      Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Horse                                               Sheep

Family: Parents, brother, and a god-brother    Parents, brother and sister (Kathy Chow)


As you can see they are besides being a model, actress and singer, they are also born in the same year! And they also have the same height and weight! They have a lot in common! Lol, what a coincidence, I didn't know that either, before searching for their profile for this arcticle.


Cute Look


Hahaha, another coincidence? They are doing the same peace-gesture and are both wearing yellow clothes! Mostly you see Niki with her cute bright smile at photos, I am not really used to see Sharon also can be very cute-like :), but she is quite cute here with those ponytails.


Sexy Look


I think Sharon has more sex-appeal than Niki. But as you can see Niki can also be very sexy at photoshoots, when it's needed. They both look stunning in their dress.


On Stage


They both are singers. Sharon's dream was to become a singer. But during her modeling career, an acting career was suggested to her. However, she recorded a song on the Lady in Red CD that also featured other TVB actresses. The song is called "Love Steps" (逐格重播), which is also the title song for 'At Home With Love' . I have to say Sharon has a quite impressive voice. Hope she will have the chance to release her own cd!

Niki also started as a model at age 17th! She has more success in the singing industry. She successfully launched two cd's. Already won an award for best newcomer.




Kevin Cheng are one of the co-stars, who have worked both with Sharon and Niki.


Sharon and Kevin:

Here Kevin and Sharon in 'Devil's Disciples'. I really like their story in the series. They have great chemistry. They also look very compatible with each other. Sharon's outfit here looks to manly. Kevin also could wear Sharon's outfit, lol. I like her white/blue outfit at the end of the story. 



I didn't watch 'Trimming Success', so cannot judge about the chemistry of them in this series. The series just don't look really attractive to me. Btw Kevin looks much younger here.


Niki and Kevin:

Kevin and Niki's chemistry was really amazing in 'Under the Canopy Of Love'. They were so natural in this series. I really love this couple! All their scenes together were sparkling!! And this kiss was so sweet!!! I can't wait to see 'The Seventh Day'!!! Hope this new series will bring back their amazing chemistry!


Another series I didn't watch': 'Hard Fate'. When I was searching for a screencap for this article. I had a lot of screencaps of the scenes between Kevin and Niki. And they looked so cute together. Maybe I will re-watch this series for them.


Another co-star is Bosco Wong.

Sharon and Bosco

Sharon and Bosco in 'Lethal Weapon Of Love and Passion'. They were very funny in this series. I thought in some scenes Sharon really pretend to be cute. I didn't really like her character. They have an OK chemistry.


Sharon and Bosco in 'The Devil's Disciple'. I far more like their brother-and-sister relationship than their playing lovers in 'Lethal Weapon Of Love and Passion'. Sharon looks more mature than Bosco. This scene is so sweet. Hate when Bosco actually wants to trick Sharon, here.


Niki and Bosco

It was really hard to find a screencap from Niki and Bosco in 'Under The Canopy of Love'. Problably, because favo-couple is Niki with Kevin. But I do like their chemistry together. Hope they will have an opportunity in the future to play a love couple again.


Another co-star is Moses Chan. I totally forgot about this one! Yesterday it just popped up in my head! lol, I forgot the coöperation with Sharon ah... 'The Charm Beneath'. I watched this series a while, and it was quite draggy and boring. Sharon has a small role in here as the love interest of Moses. She was maybe the most interesting part in the storyline. At one time you will believe her, at the other time you will disgrace her , but for the ones who actually have seen 'The Charm Beneath'. I will pity her. I realize that Sharon was very good in her performance! Their chemistry was ok.


Niki and Moses

Moses and Niki in 'The Gentle Crackdown'. Moses was so funny in this series! Especially when he laughs :0...hahaha. He quite have a big mouth. This is Niki's breakthrough performance, and she totally deserves it. She makes 12 mui so sweet. Unlike they don't really match (I think Moses looks much older), they have great chemistry!


As you can read> I really like both Sharon and Niki.

*I hope to see Sharon in bigger roles in the future. Her dream now is becoming #1 sister! Hope she will achieve her goal, because she definitely has the potential. I wish her all the luck. And hope she can deliver some good performances in the future!

*As for Niki. She definitely achieved more than Sharon. She already won 'the most improved' award at TVB. She also starred in several movies, several cd's! She is totally hot. She definitely is the most liked newcomer as well in TV, movies or in the singing industry! So I hope she will be bigger in the future, and transform from 'the 'newcomer' to a 'keeper'.


Credits: K for TVB, TVB official site, Entertainment Magazine, Wikipedia etc.







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Linda is Hot

I haven't watched 'Heart of Greed' yet, but I heard that Linda has a really sweet and likable character in this series. And that she did improve in this series. I haven't watched all Linda's series. Mostly I skipped them , like 'Heavenly in Laws' and the most recent one 'Best Bet'. I did watched 'Always Ready', 'The Biter Bitten', but I watched them because of the co-stars like Shirley, Charmaine, Benny, Chris etc. Not for Linda, because I didn't feel the 'click' with her (yet). So, I hope my 'click' with Linda will be after watching 'Heart of Greed'.


Here are some opinions of me about Linda's style. Hope u will enjoy reading!


Linda in Casual Wear


Linda at a promo event for 'Heart of Greed'

What I really like about Linda is here timid smile. That's making her so sweet. I like Linda's curly hair here, very feminine and playful. Her clothes are styled perfect. Top matches watch, necklace matches belt. One disadvantage is the top, the colour off-white suits Linda very well, but the short, folded sleeves makes her shoulders very big. But this casual outfit looks really stunning. Rate: 8


Linda at the TV awards 2007

This is one of my favorite outfit of Linda. It may not fit the event (award show of a magazine) ,but this casual wear will definitely be suitable for a day out. I like the clean presence of Linda in this white shirt and shorts, very basics. But finished with stunning boots! Resembles the patterns of  Burberry. And the big red bag as an eyecather (big bags are still hot) Hair tied up and with nice rounded earrings! Perfect! Rate: 9,5


Linda and Vivien at a promo event for The Lady in Red album

I'm confused, is Linda wearing a skirt? It looks strange around her right leg, or is it a short? I do like the gold and shining effect of the skirt/shorts. The top is quite ordinary, but combined with the black gilet (still hot) and necklace. It still looks great.  I also like the bronze shoes. Nice outfit, despite the skirt/shorts! Rate: 8


Linda filming 'Jewel's Splendor'

I really like Linda's long sleeved, grey dress. The horizontal elastic stripes at the bottom of the dress makes the dress sporty. The waist looks kinda strange. Is that the bottom of the white top underneath the dress? Together with the belt, it emphasises Linda's belly. (problably she doesn't have that) Overall Linda looks good. I am curious, what else she will be wearing in Jewel's Splendor. Rate: 8


Linda at her 23rd birthday

Sure this birthdaygirl looks great. I always like the combination purple/blue. And in this dress it looks really great!!! The moccasin boots are also very cute. Rate: 9


Linda and Tavia at the tvb lightning ceremony (10-2006)

and Linda at a promo event in Singapore (04-2007)

It's rare for a tvb actress to wear the same outfit at an open event. Linda really loves this outfit! But I am not really pleased with it. It's a dress, why wearing suspenders to pull up the bottom? Not to mention, that suspenders are out. At the first pic she wears a pair of jeans underneath it. Nothing wrong about that, but the dress is too long. It makes it plump. And the earrings are also the same :) Rate: 5


Linda in Evening Wear


Linda after winning Most Improved actress at the TVB awards 2007

Although she didn't laugh out loud, but sure Linda is shining in the picture. She is wearing just a simple, white plain, strapless dress. It really suits Linda's personality.  And I like the white feather/flower in her hair. Maybe the diamond necklace could be removed. Average for me. Rate:7


Linda and Sunny in the TVB calandar 2007

First I didn't notice that this is actually Linda in the pic. She looks much older in the pic. Mainly because of the short curled hair. But she looks great in this darkred gown. Very classic thirties style. The white gloves should be replaced by some dark coloured ones. Rate: 7,5


Linda showing her jewels at the 'Jewel's Splendor' costume fitting

Another red dress for Linda. The dress is ordinary, but very nice. Of course the jewels should be the eyecather of this costume fitting. But simple, but classic totally belongs to Linda. Rate: 8


Linda at the premiére of 'Love Is Not All Around'

Linda in a gold evening gown and golden peep toe shoes. Linda's first movie, so she definitely have to outshine the other cast members. But I do think the gown is kinda old fashioned. I like the neckline, but the spangles on the black top is too much. Rate: 8


Linda's personality

This picture totally reflects the personality of Linda. Linda is in my eyes a very shy,sweet, timid girl-next-door. A very natural beauty. She doesn't need much too look great. The white dress is simple, plain white. This is Linda. Rate: 8,5


Linda's Style:

Linda's outfits are really classical. She uses basic clothing to combine with the hot season items. And finished it with simple accesoirizes. She loves to wear the colour white! That's her colour. I do like her in casual wear, because you can see the young, cheerful Linda. Evening wear makes her more mature. But Linda definitely knows how to dress! Thumbs up!!! Average rate for Linda: 8!!!




credits to Tungstar, orisun, TVB, jayne stars etc.

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Fashion Disaster for Ella

I recently found some articles about Ella Koon. She went to some promotional functions this month. I really think Ella is a very pretty and photogenic girl. But when I saw those pictures. I was thinking what a waste! You're so pretty. Why are you dressed up like this? I hope she didn't choose her own clothing and if she has a personal stylist. Definitely fire her. Take a look yourself:



The colour gold is a hot colour for this summer, no doubt about it. But you can exaggerate, like Ella did here. What's up with the shimmering, gold panties? And the dress is so short. It looks really trashy. Rate: 4




Dresses with a high waist line are very hot. I like the white and clean natural look of Ella. But I don't like the puff sleeves and the folded fabric under the waist line. It makes the dress very shapeless. Too bad, but she's wearing cute boots underneath the dress. Rate: 6




This is Ella's gypsy look. Tunic is also a summer must-have item. But this tunic isn't really flattering for Ella's slim figure. This clothing is really to big, even a belt wouldn't help. And besides the patterns are too heavy and mismatched with the belt. Rate: 2



Seems Ella is stuck in the colour purple. This babydoll dress looks very girly on Ella. But I don't like the décolléte, it's too deep. I know it has to be sexy, but I think not revealing this much could also very 'sweet innocent' sexy. And the earrings and jewels are too much. Less is definitely more. Rate: 5,5



Problably this is not Ella's choice for wearing a flamenco outfit. She looks very exotic, with the red rose in her hair. Although she looks good, it seems she was just walking out of a dance show or something. Hope people won't wear this at an ordinary day. Not even a part of it (top or skirt, both are iewww)or you will scare me to death! Rate: 6


credits to mingpao, oriental daily and takungpao




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The Fashion in 'The Brink Of Law'

It's been a while, since I finished "The Brink Of Law". Besides the catching storyline, there was also another memorable aspect of this amazing series: The styling of the actors/actresses. Of course a part of the story settles in the fashion industry, so they has to put more effort in the styling. The guys ( Steven, Ron ) and the girls (Bernice, Kate, Shirley) are all so goodlooking!!!



*Kate is wearing an oversized shirt, with a half open back. I really like the colour purple she is wearing. The back looks really interesting. An eyecather. To bad in front it's finished with a necklace of coloured balls. It's looks nice on Kate, but it will be definitely not be my choice. Rate: 7.5

*Ron is wearing an ordinary white buttoned shirt. Ron has a really tanned skin, combined with white clothing is an succesful combination. It really looks great and sexy on him, especially with the glasses, what makes him mature. Rate: 8

*Shirley is wearing an off-shoulder knitted top finished with matching necklace and belt. I really like this outfit. It's simple, but sophisticated. Very stylish and timeless look. Rate: 8,5



*Bernice is wearing a brownish, flowered blouse with matching short pants/skirts (?). What's with the flowered blouse, it's more suitable for a granny, than for bernice. I do like the shoes she's wearing, very summer, but on top I rather see a dress. Rate: 5

*Steven is wearing a brown buttoned shirt and white pants. Sure it matches Bernice outfit! They look really compatible together. I like the V-neck shirt on Steven, gives him a sensual, but casual look.  Especially he's also more tanned, what looks great on him. Rate: 7,5



This is a funeral scene.

*Kate's outfit is really misplaced! Who wears a pair of jeans to a funeral. That's way to casual! And what's that orange thing in her hair? The silver sjawl and top with the black sweater is not really flattering for her figure as well. Sorry Kate, but you should get changed immediately. Rate: 2

*Ron, Shirley and Vin, they all wear a white/black combination. Either the bottom is black, top white. Or bottom white, top black. I rather see them all in black. Ron is wearing an ordinary outfit. Rate:6   

*Rather not loving the white/black combination of Shirley's, I think the top and pants wearing seperately will be better. The bag looks kinda cheap. I would choose a black leather bag instead. Rate:6.

*Vin should definitely get rid of those sunglasses. They look awful. Besides that he looks fine. Rate:6,5

*Michelle is wearing black pants, a black top with a nice, silvered round neck and a black sjawl. This looks so elegant. Even at a funeral. This really suits Michelle's wealthy character. Too bad , her bag seems so flat, like she is not caring anything with her. Rate:7,5



*Kate is wearing an aquamarine top. This is the outfit I like on Kate the most. The colour really suits her, and I like the matching eye-shadow. The necklace is this time not too huge, and the bag seems really comfortable. Thumbs up. Rate: 9. I shall not comment on Ron's outfit.



*Stephen is wearing a square patterned buttoned shirt with an spencer. The shirt is to oversized, the patterns are not done...this is so old fashioned! Stephen is so young and yet he had to wear something a 60+, even wouldn't wear. Did they give all the nice clothes to Ron and Steven? I really feel sorry for him. Rate:2

*Ron is wearing a brown t-shirt and white pants. It seems white pants for the guys is very popular. Everything in this series Ron wears looks amazing on him. Rate:8

*Michelle is wearing a glittered black top, with grey pants and a blue coloured sjawl. They all seems not matched with each other. The pants are too casual to wear with the top. The sjawl is in a very soft colour, compared to the black top. There's something wrong with this look. But I have to say mismatched or not, when Michelle wears it, it's always elegant. Rate: 6

*Shirley is wearing a white laced top, with matching gilet and short pants. This is my favourite outfit. It looks really great on Shirley. This outfit maybe will last a couple of seasons, but this really let us see what's the fashion nowadays. rate:9,5



*Shirley is wearing a green top. It's matching the necklace very well. Simple top + eyecathing long necklace is a very safe combination (if you can match them). I think the earrings should be smaller, here it's distracting the outfit. Rate: 7

*Bernice is wearing a black long sleeved top. Black is always safe and easy to match with other colours. It looks really good on Benice. I like the silver ring and necklace that adds some extras to the simple outfit. And nice sunglasses, but putting your sunglasses in your hair should not be done anymore. Rate: 7



*Two guys in a suit. I really like guys wearing a suit. It looks so professional. Ron's wearing a soft coloured suit. I really liked he didn't have a tie, unlike Steven. It looks professional, yet relaxed. Rate: 8

*Steven's suit is blue striped with a blue tie. I like the colour of the tie, because it adds some youthness to the striped suit. This matches Steven well. Rate:7,5


Best dressed female: Shirley. All her outfits are fashionable and suits her very well.

Best dressed male: Ron. I like the relaxed, but mature look. Very sexy.


credits to TVB






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Hi everyone,

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Rain. I live in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. I hope to make a blog with the main subject, what the stars are wearing nowadays. I will give comments about the fashion sense of different actresses/actors/singers etc. in a movie, series, in their free time or to a function etc. etc. etc. I will only give my opinion, so no offense to the person. Please feel free to comment. Hope u will enjoy reading this blog. xxx

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